Regulatory Advocacy.

Whether its working to ensure successful implementation of legislation or to influence regulatory action, Lewis Advocacy works with clients and others to engage as needed in regulatory affairs.  Once a bill becomes law, we know that implementation is key.

Budget Advocacy and Monitoring.

California's annual budget represents hundreds of billion dollars in spending and navigating the budgetary process can be tedious and confusing.  Lewis Advocacy is diligent and well-versed in the key elements needed for a successful budget strategy, and can effectively navigate the complexities of the budget process with integrity, tenacity, and success.


Legislative Monitoring and Tracking.

With over 3,000 bills introduced on an annual basis, Lewis Advocacy monitors real-time changes to legislation that may impact clients.  We stay abreast of changes, gather additional background information, and notify clients of updates.  We can customize a tracking and monitoring program to meet your individualized needs.  

Government Relations and Advocacy.

Lewis Advocacy serves as the eyes and ears for our clients in the State Capitol.  We work to ensure that our clients’ voices and values are heard and understood by state policymakers.   This can include identifying where policymakers are in their understanding of the issue, providing education, when needed, and addressing specific concerns and priorities to assess their ability and willingness to support specified policy objectives.

Strategic Planning and Consulting.

Lewis Advocacy is an expert in helping clients successfully maneuver the nuances of legislative, budget, and administrative matters.  When there is a policy or fiscal concern, need, or opportunity facing your organization, we identify a solution and work with you to develop a strategic plan.​